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2022 Winners

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Container Category

Linda Carnegie

 Gardening for 40 years, she says, “I find it relaxing, and being an artist, it’s like painting with plants.” Her inspiration: “I thought it would be nice to show what you can do at Elder Housing using pots.”


Grand Category

Rachel Alpert

Rachel Alpert, who has been gardening for more than 30 years. Alpert says that there is so much joy in gardening, explaining, “I love creating beauty for everyone to enjoy. Gardening is meditative. The flowers are my children; tend them, nourish them, love them, and they will give enjoyment, satisfaction, visual and olfactory pleasures, soothing rhythms of color and style, manyfold.” 

Whimsical Category

Meghan FitzGerald

Meghan FitzGerald describes herself as a novice gardener for a decade, from a fire escape in the West Village of New York to Aquinnah. FitzGerald finds gifting the produce or flowers she cultivates as her inspiration, this year creating a lavender tincture for friends. Explaining why she decided to participate in the competition, FitzGerald shares, “You had a category for the whimsical novice! My brother Scott and I created a garden from ‘supplies’ (wood, stones, buoys) that washed ashore on Dogfish Bar. Anyone can plant and create their own little green magic in a pot.”


Flower Category

Scorr Slarsky 

Scott Slarsky has been gardening since he purchased his Oak Bluffs Campground cottage in 2016, and is attracted to gardening because there is something new every day. The allure for him is “to encourage pollinators, and it’s amazing to watch how much life it attracts.”

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